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Black Rice

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    A Rice So Healthy It Used to Be Forbidden!

    Black rice gets its signature colour from the pigment Anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant that fights the effects of aging and oxidative stress. It contains over 23 types of antioxidants and has the highest antioxidant activity of all rice varieties. This means it has potent anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects and may be beneficial for the eyes, heart, and nerves.

    Nutritionally too, Black Rice scores well. It's one of the highest in protein, as compared to other rice varieties, even brown rice. It's a good source of iron, the mineral so essential for carrying oxygen throughout the body. The dietary fibre found in gluten-free Black Rice is quite significant. Thus, it may aid in weight loss.

    This variety of rice has a mild, nutty flavor and a chewy texture, so it's found in multiple cuisines around the world. It can be made both sweet and savoury.

    Therefore, having Black Rice a few times a week can be an easy and tasty way to incorporate more nutrition and disease-protecting antioxidants into your diet.

    So get your pack, put on your chef's hat, and amaze everyone!

    Multiple Health Benefits

    • A powerful source of antioxidants
    • Has good amounts of protein, fibre, and iron
    • Is anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer
    • Beneficial for eye, heart, and nerve health
    • Naturally gluten-free, useful for celiac disease or gluten sensitivity


    Black Rice from Sixth Element is an exotic, nutrition-dense grain that can fit into a variety of dishes and cuisines. Replacing it with the regular white rice, the purple-black coloured rice makes the food something to look forward to.

    Take a quick look at its benefits:

    • A powerhouse of antioxidants, it contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps fight diseases while keeping the system clean and strong
    • Widely known as forbidden rice, Black rice has more health benefits than any other variety of rice
    • A naturally gluten-free grain, it has good amounts of dietary fibre, thus may aid weight loss
    • A good source of several nutrients, particularly protein and iron • Considered very helpful for improving eye health
    • Black rice may help improve cholesterol levels, thus keeps the heart-healthy

    Isn't it amazing, how a simple hack like switching to Black Rice can bring with it a plethora of benefits?
    So why wait another day? Get your Black Rice today!

    How to Use

    • Rinse the rice well and soak it for a few hours before you cook it
    • For every one cup of black rice, use about two and a half cups of water and cook on medium flame. Once it starts boiling, reduce to a simmer. Cook for about 30 mins, until done
    • Have as a side dish with dal, stir-fries or gravy dishes
    • Enjoy as delicious fried rice, pulao, or tasty kheer
    • Sprinkle boiled Black Rice on salads and into wraps

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