Foxtail Millet


A nutritious blast from the past, a forgotten wonder!

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Our grandparents would know more about Foxtail Millets than we do because they had seen and had them on their meal plates more often than not. You google it and all you can see is flashy nutrient charts. But Foxtail Millets is not new to India. It was a staple diet among the people of ancient India.

However, Foxtail Millets is back in news and has made a big comeback. Its importance as a diabetic-friendly, highly nutritious and non-glutinous food has had a large number of people opting millets over rice. It is rich in dietary fiber (6.7%), protein (11 %) and low in fat (4%). Traditional dishes like payasam, chapatti, porridge, form an evergreen part of Indian palates. New contemporary twist to millets comes in the form of burfi, kabab, biscuits, salads, baked items and almost anything that can be made from it.


– Helps lower blood glucose levels

– Rich source of phosphorus which is an energy reserve.

– May help in streamlining endocrine function

– It is high on antioxidants.

– Pesticide free, fertilizer free

Sourced directly from the millet farmers of South India.

Ingredients & Nutritional Information

100% naturally grown Foxtail Millet. No preservatives or additives added.

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