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Sixth Element | About Us

Our Vision

To be the leading solution provider globally for healthy gifting and ready to eat, tasty and nutrition rich snacks for ultra-fitness

Our Mission

We are on a mission to nurture and empower every person with naturally grown food products to attain holistic health

Our Values

  • Passion for quality to boost energy and immunity
  • Commitment to responsible wellness
  • Delighting the customer
  • Gifting health for strength and stamina

Our Journey

Sixth Element was founded in 2013 by Gurvinder Singh, managing director of Global Gadgets, to fill a vital demand for the discerning consumers aware of unprocessed and nourishing food items. Sixth Element quickly gained wide acceptance when it first offered exotic superfoods not available locally at that time.

The next phase was to identify similar products grown in India which entailed extensive travelling and research to identify, test and obtain government approvals for all new products. Sixth Element caters for all tastes with balanced nutrition. From exotic super grains to delicious honeys, healthy on the go snacks to delectable bread spreads and herbal extracts for head to toe wellness.

Endorsed by nutritionists, dieticians, chefs, fitness trainers, Sixth element products are stationed in five-star hotels, gourmet restaurants and high-end retailers to nourish your body with pure, unprocessed, nutritious superfoods to build your SIS (Strength, Immunity and Stamina) for holistic, healthy and energetic living.

Sixth Element’s superfoods are sourced directly from the lap of nature, provide safe and nourishing solution to fatty, fast foods. Start a new tradition for good nutrition with Sixth Element.

The whole concept of Sixth element is to “be healthy and stay healthy” and have “fun with tasty healthy food” by taking care of body, mind, heart and soul. We start with “delighting 5 elements to arrive at sixthelement

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Nutrient-rich, Pure Foods

We offer naturally grown, pure and unprocessed foods straight from nature’s heartlands.

Health Enthusiasts

We have been sourcing the best of Superfoods from around the world and making them available to our customers in India since 2013.

Nature's Love at your doorstep

We procure rare herbs and other raw materials from native heartlands, to create premium, export quality health foods for you.

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Constant Growth

Our passion for health & wellness keeps us continuously striving to identify premium health foods for our customers

Overall well-being

At Sixth Element we believe in the overall well-being of an individual and also offer tailor-made meditative experiences for groups and individuals.

Holistic Wellness

With a promise to improve your life with our products, we hold Holistic Wellness as our belief, our inspiration, and our dream!