organie Nupo Diet products are Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). Use them to replace all of your daily meals for effective weight loss.


Diet Powder
Scientific Background & Ip Rights

The first clinical studies were performed  more than 35 years ago.The effect from using Nupos products is  proven comparable with surgery, and  consequently a very obvious alternative for  many obese individuals. Nupo has over time developed line  extensions and optimized flavors to the  consumers changing requirements, but the  composition og fibers, vitamins and  minerals has remained the same to ensure  that the daily calorie intake remains between  700-800 cal.

Nupo Legacy

The original Nupo Diet powder – was developed at Hvidore Hospital in Denmark in 1981 by the leading obesity researcher Dr. Flemming Quaade in collaboration with Oluf Mørk, who was in charge of commercialising the name.

Replace standard meals with Nupo Shakes

Nupo is a meal and diet replacement low calorie program for slimming, which replaces your regular meals with smooth & delicious shakes.


What is VLCD?
VLCD stands for Very Low Calorie Diet. The Nupo Diet, which consists of six daily Diet shakes/Diet soups, is a VLCD. The legislation regarding VLCD diets is very strict to ensure that you as a consumer get 100% of the nutrients that your body needs when you follow a VLCD diet. According to the legislation, a VLCD diet may contain between 450 and 800 kcal/day. Studies have shown that you do not lose weight faster when you consume less than 800 kcal/day. When you are on the Nupo Diet, you will get an average of approximately 700 kcal/day spread out over six daily shakes/soups. By enjoying six daily meals, you will keep your blood sugar level stable while also getting all of the vitamins, minerals, fibres and proteins that your body needs.


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