Go the NUPO way – Lose the weight not your health!

Nupo – a blend of the words “Nutritional Powder”, is a meal replacement shake that can help you not only lose weight effectively but also ensures that you get the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed in a daily diet – with a minimum of calories.

After being developed 37 years ago by Danish doctors, and with over 50 scientific studies to back it up, NUPO has fulfilled the dreams of many and has successfully helped people from all across the world achieve their dream bodies – one that is fit & healthy.

The shakes provide a nutritionally balanced meal replacement system which replaces your regular meals with pre-packed bars, shakes or soups. To lose weight and maintain weight loss, one needs a focused and conscious effort. The NUPO diet helps you do that.


The Nupo diet is a Very Low-Calorie Diet (VLCD) where you drink six shakes a day. The diet provides you with all the nutrients that you need – and at the same time your calorie intake stays below 800 calories. It’s a too-good-to-be-true method which has numerous success stories to back it up!

What does the NUPO Diet offer you?

  • A very simple, easy-to-follow diet
  • A complete & wholesome diet that fulfills your daily nutrient intake while keeping in check the calories consumed
  • A safe and reliable method for weight loss that is based on more than 50 clinical studies
  • Six meals a day solution that is easy & quick to make
  • The meals can seamlessly be integrated into your daily life & can be combined in a variety of ways with your favourite foods.

While NUPO is a brilliant choice for anyone who is looking to kick-start their fitness, we recommend that in order to avail the most benefit out of the NUPO diet which sustains, combine it with a regular and well-planned exercise routine. Since there are various essential nutrients enriching the Nupo Diet products, and also the fact that one eats 6 Nupo portions per day, the body’s metabolism stays unaffected.

With a well thought out plan for your health and with NUPO to accompany you on this journey, we at Sixth Element will move one step closer to our dream – Bringing Holistic Wellness to your life!

Drop in at 52A, Khan Market, to welcome wholesome goodness, health & wellness into your life!

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