What people are buying this Festive Season

Festivals are round the corner. While some of us will stay at home and others will venture out, it’s a given that most of us will celebrate festivals this year at a small or usual scale. So when it comes to shopping and gifting, let’s see what the trend is for 2020.

The last few months of COVID-19 have changed so many things for all of us mentally, physically, socially and economically, that we’ve been spurred towards making different choices. For the better, we think.

And in the context of shopping, this translates to stress on value buying.

So what are people buying for festivals this year?

Rather, let’s see what they’re not buying. Crockery, regular mithai, dress material, bed sheets, packs of chips and cold drinks and photo frames are passé. This means, things which are only going to take up space, be it in the house or in the body, are out. Understanding the value of time and health, people are now only spending on worthy things.

So those who’ve awakened to the idea of less is more are choosing useful gadgets, potted plants, a homemade eatable, healthy cookies and snacks, vouchers for online workshops and scented candles. And why not, for they certainly come across as better messengers of your thoughtfulness, warmth and care.

That’s why at Sixth Element, we keep adding to our repertoire food items that are healthy, tasty and made with premium ingredients. Not surprisingly, more and more people are choosing our unique products and gift options for their benefits, taste and elegance. Thus, Quinoa Crisps, Oatmeal Honey Cookies, Dates Mithai, SeedMix, Trail Mix, Goji Berries, different variants of Natural Honey and Beetroot Spread are topping the charts!

And with the crabby pollution levels refusing to abate, makes perfect sense to look after yourself and your loved ones.

So what are you buying this festive season?

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