What is Holistic wellness and why is it important?

“Balance” is a word we hear too often from wise people, our mentors, books and motivational and spiritual speakers and it’s because one element cannot work without the other. Similarly, holistic wellness is all about the balance between your physical, mental and emotional health. Ignoring your mental-emotional health while only concentrating on your physical form will not contribute to your overall growth and wellness. To lead a quality life and reach your optimum health, we need to realize how everything in us is interlinked to each other and that is what we call Wellness. Being healthy, overall, is the key.

This Health Day, let’s be more aware of what is Holistic Wellness and it’s absolute importance in everyone’s life. Talk to your loved ones; share it with everyone you know. Dedicate this day and every other day to spread knowledge about mental, emotional, physical health: people need it. Here is the break-down of the basic elements that define Holistic wellness, for better understanding.

Emotional Wellness: Looking into your emotional health is very important. Choose to be happy, have a positive outlook and don’t ignore your emotions. Talk to a therapist or your friends/family and deal with situations and your emotions. Step out of any toxic relationships or habits and you will see a difference.

Physical Wellness: Working out and eating right is not only about building your body to look a specific way or losing weight, but it’s also about taking care of your body and treating it right. Exercising and eating healthy reflects on your body, skin, and mood. You will feel better, fitter, stronger and in return, you will be in a better shape and health. Do whatever you like- swimming, gymming, cycling, walking, running or even dancing. Prepare your meals, choose a healthy lifestyle. Keep your body moving to keep the energy going.

Mental Wellness: This element is the most important, especially because people refuse to address or talk about it. Mental health is as or even more important than anything else. Just how you go to a doctor when you don’t feel well, you need to seek help for any issues like depression, anxiety and such. Reach out to people ad friends/family who you think need help, spread awareness, go to a therapist, do things you love, cut out people who you feel aren’t good for you, from your life, lead a healthier lifestyle, talk to someone- ANYTHING. It’s time we take our mental health seriously. Seek help and help others.

Spiritual Wellness: Giving yourself time and attention should be a part of your routine. Meditate, take some time off, read books which help you grow. Believe in yourself and your talent and do things that help you relax. Spiritualism helps you discover yourself, your faith and belief. Practice.

Social Wellness: Social wellness is all about surrounding yourself with people who are important to you, who help you grow, who have a positive influence in your life and those who motivate you. Cut out toxic people from your life- they will never allow you to reach your best.

Green Tea – The high antioxidants present in green tea makes it one of the best remedies for pollution. It is loaded with polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins, which function as powerful antioxidants. As an exception during these days of pollution, you can top up your consumption of green tea. Since it is advisable to take a lot of liquids, you can use green tea to detox your system from within.

Honey -  We have always used honey as a remedy for all respiratory problems and we can continue to do so especially in these times. Honey is known for its healing properties. Use honey in green tea to make it the most potent antipollution drink. Combine honey with turmeric to help reduce inflammation in the respiratory tracts caused due to pollution. Honey combined with ginger is also highly anti-inflammatory. Using neem honey, eucalyptus honey or raw wild honey will be advisable.

Vitamin C – Consumption of vitamin C can reduce the harmful effects of pollution on the body, advise doctors. Scientific studies have shown that Vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant can protect against the effects of air pollution. While all citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C, superfoods like Goji berries have 500 times more vitamin C than an orange. Also, another superfood with high vitamin C is Camu powder.

High protein and Fibre – High fibre foods also help in detoxing the body. Step up your intake of both by eating superfoods like Quinoa and Black rice. There are many interesting ways to cook both quinoa and Black rice. Both these superfoods are high in protein and fibre and are also high in antioxidants. Mixed nuts also serve a good purpose to fight the effects of pollution.

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