Raw Wild Honey - Nature's Miracle Bottled up for you!

For honey lovers, the Wild Raw Honey from Sixth Element is definitely a treat. As the name indicates Raw Honey is totally unheated, unpasteurized, unprocessed honey which is in its purest form. This helps to preserve natural vitamins, living enzymes and other nutritional elements in the honey.

It is the most original sweet liquid, collected straight from the extractor. Owing to the expertise of experienced professionals we have procured this honey straight from the beekeepers. To adhere to the industry norms Sixth Element Raw Wild has been filtered using hygienic process.

This honey amazing properties – it does not ferment in the stomach and therefore is very effective to counteract acid indigestion.  It also contains natural enzymes that help in digestion, cell regeneration, tissue repairing and restriction of bacterial activities. Its exceptional nutritional value and its amalyse (an enzyme) which helps predigest starchy food, makes it a favourite with raw foodists. Raw honey is filled with phytonutrients (compounds found in plants that protect the plant from harm). Phytonutrients are unique to raw honey and disappear when honey is processed. They provide both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits essential to maintain good health.

We at Sixth Element always strive to bring you the best foods. Our Wild Raw Honey is a unique product which has been procured keeping your health benefits in mind. When mixed with ginger and lemon it is excellent to cure sore throats. Besides its medicinal value, this honey tastes amazing on bread and waffles.

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