Pumpkin Seeds - a Tiny Storehouse of a Multi-Load of Nutrition

Pumpkin seeds may be small, but they're packed full of valuable nutrients. Eating only a small amount of them can provide you with a substantial quantity of healthy fats, magnesium and zinc.

Because of this, pumpkin seeds have been associated with several health benefits. These include improved heart health, prostate health, and protection against certain cancers.

What's more, these seeds can be easily incorporated into your diet.

Here are the top 11 health benefits of pumpkin seeds that are supported by science.

  1. Pumpkin seeds are rich in antioxidants, iron, zinc, magnesium and many other nutrients. An ounce (28 grams) contains about 151 calories.
  2. Pumpkin seeds are full of antioxidants that may help protect against disease and reduce inflammation.
  3. Diets rich in pumpkin seeds have been associated with lower levels of stomach, breast, lung, prostate and colon cancers.
  4. Pumpkin seeds may reduce symptoms of benign prostate enlargement and an overactive bladder.
  5. Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of magnesium. Healthy magnesium levels are important for your blood pressure, heart health, bone health and blood sugar levels
  6. Nutrients in pumpkin seeds may help keep your heart healthy by reducing blood pressure and increasing good cholesterol.
  7. Pumpkin seeds may help reduce blood sugar levels for people with type 2 diabetes. However, more research is needed.
  8. Whole pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of fiber. Diets high in fiber are associated with many health benefits, including a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.
  9. The high zinc content of pumpkin seeds may help improve sperm quality and fertility in men.
  10. Pumpkin seeds are a good source of tryptophan, zinc, and magnesium, all of which help promote good sleep.
  11. Pumpkin seeds can be easily incorporated into the diet as a snack or as an additional ingredient in meals or baking.

The rich nutrient content of pumpkin seeds means they may provide many other health benefits, such as improved energy, mood, and immune function.

Eating them can help solve dietary deficiencies and may protect against various health problems.

Sixth Element offers pumpkin seeds as a part of two product varieties - Roasted Seed Mix and Heeng Flavoured Pumpkin Seeds.

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