How to Choose the Right Corporate Gift Hampers and Baskets

Corporate Gifting is an art in itself. Come any festive season or special occasion, it’s important, and an opportunity for corporate groups to have their presence felt in the market. Presenting suitable gifts to loyal customers, employees, sponsors and all stakeholders become not only a matter of pride and joy, but also a worthy investment.

Next, the question arises, what kind of gifts?

The gifts you choose will speak volumes about you. In other words, they represent you. How thoughtfully they’ve been chosen, how attractively they’re packed and how they’re presented, all carry a message.
Therefore, if you want to portray a good impression, your corporate gifts need to be valuable and top of the line.

That’s where we come in.

Instead of browsing endlessly, making trips to stores or sending people out in all directions, all you need to do is click on


Because here you’ll find exactly what you need. A plethora of spectacular gift boxes and hampers packed with something most precious to modern day lifestyle – health.

That’s right. Each of these gift items contains unique, healthy and tasty snacks and super food items. All our products are one of their kinds, rich in nutrition and taste.

Take for instance, the hot selling healthy snack from Sixth Element, Quinoa Crisps. In 3 exciting flavours, it’s mouth-watering, crunchy and rich in protein, antioxidants and omega 3. High in fibre, they keep you satiated for longer, so may help with weight loss too. A nutrisnack made of roasted nuts, seeds and dried fruits called Trail Mix, is a delectable mingling of all of these. Unparalleled! Another delicious mix of seeds called SeedMix is rich in minerals and fibre and unique to Sixth Element. We also have snacks made out of Roasted Pumpkin Seeds in 3 different flavours, again very healthy. All these snacks are a class apart and produced bearing the requirements of the body, mind and soul. Not to forget, the taste buds!

That’s not all!

Then there are Goji Berries, the exotic imported berries that are rich in Vitamin A, antioxidants and even contain protein. Next, the range of different variants of Honey of Sixth Element (Raw Wild, Multi Flora, Gulkand, and Organic), are all 100% pure and natural, sourced directly from 3rd generation bee keepers in Karnataka. Or, super grains like Quinoa (black, white and red), Black Rice, Foxtail Millet, and Kodo Millet are loaded with nutrients and pack healthier, energy and immunity in every bite. A variety of cookies - Oats, Ragi, and Quinoa - that is irresistible and healthy. And the list doesn’t end here.

What’s more, all these excellently healthy food items are packed in elegant and exclusive gift boxes and gift baskets. They’re so stunning, it’s difficult to look away.

So, what could be a better gift than health and wellness, packed in exquisite style?

That’s why, look no further, and place your orders for the perfect Corporate Gift Hampers and Diwali Gift Boxes at or call us at +91 - 9999435354.

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