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Celebrate with Gifts of Holistic Wellness

Gifting is an important aspect of our life. Be it office parties, birthdays, family get-togethers or festivals, we all like to present something suitable, useful, beautiful and graceful. Therefore, what and how you gift forms a near unshakeable impression about you and your style. That’s why, many of us put in the time and effort to think, search and zero in on the perfect gift.

And that’s where Sixth Element comes in, so that gifting meaningfully and elegantly can become your signature. Gifts of health and wellbeing from Sixth Element are unrivalled and bear your message of love, care and thoughtfulness.

Curated with Love

Sixth Element has developed its own array of gifting options in a wide range of sizes, styles and budget. Starting from a gift box of 2, to grand hampers holding umpteen items, there are boxes and baskets to suit all occasions.

The exquisite gift wrapping portrays the epitome of aesthetics, finesse, poise and perfection. Nestled in them are elegant jars and packs of super healthy snacks and food items.

Range of Healthy Super Snacks

Each and every product of Sixth Element is premium, rich in nutrients, natural, unique and has a great taste. They’re produced with the aim of spreading health the tasty way.

Take for instance, the super hot-selling Quinoa Crisps in three lip-smacking flavours. It’s rich in protein, high in fibre and full of antioxidants. Combined with roasted seeds in the just the right quantity, it makes a crunchy, irresistible savoury snack. Or Trail Mix, the matchless blend of roasted nuts, seeds and dried fruits for a yummy power snack. Similarly, SeedMix, naturally flavoured and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, all are delectable, wonderful for health and help you load up on nutrients.

Next, our latest additions of healthy, sumptuous cookies have no refined flour, white sugar, or preservatives. This means, no compromise with health.

Similarly, there are many more products, all in line with the concept of Sixth Element- holistic wellness. Most products are gluten free, and all made with healthy ingredients like quinoa, millets, oats, natural sweeteners, nuts and seeds. 

Know any other such premium range of healthy and tasty snacks?

The Ultimate Gesture of Care

Imagine gifting such wonderful, tasty and healthy foods to your loved ones! They make a fine gesture of your love and care. Choosing such beautiful gift items from Sixth Element will not only serve to strengthen your bond, but also reflect your fine taste and elitist style.

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