Focus Towards a Healthy and Natural Lifestyle

Take a year, throw in months of being at home, add some weeks of domestic toil, generous hours of WFH, sleepless nights of worry and fear, several weekends of family time and perhaps, a few moments of reflection.

And what do we have?

That’s right. A lifestyle overhaul.

People, we’ve all been through it together. Many of us got the chance to give life a long, steady look and realized there were many things that we could give a miss, or do differently. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we, who were zipping past our precious life, have seen that slowing down is way more enjoyable, that how ridiculous it is to do otherwise.

We’re now taking the time to do what we like, be with whom we love and eat what’s good for us.

So let’s dwell a little more on food.

Our diets are more regular and balanced now. Having no option but to eat at home, our meals have become healthier and tastier. We’re trying out different dishes, spreading the gift of joyful eating. Not only meals, our snacks too have undergone a makeover.

Colourful packets of oil, sugar, salt and empty calories are giving way to healthy snacks and munchies.

Wheat is giving way to millets, white rice to brown and black rice, refined oils to ghee and cold-pressed oils, ketchups to healthy dips, and preservatives are being given a total miss.

You’ll be happy to know that we, at Sixth Element, have already been promoting natural, healthy food and snack options for the last 6 years. Lots of our customers have already made this shift - from regular savoury snacks to our protein rich tasty Quinoa Crisps, from refined flour and atta noodles to Sixth Element Millet Noodles. They’re consuming pure natural honey, Trail Mix, SeedMix, Goji berries and other superfood snacks to build immunity effortlessly and enjoyably.

Now, with the festive season round the corner, we’re ready with a variety of beautiful and elegant gift boxes and hampers for your gifting requirements that convey your love and care. People are no longer opting for chocolates, sweets, decoration pieces, gold or silver. Because they’ve realized, the most precious gift one can give is- wellness.

So we invite you to browse through our website ( or step into our store at 52-A, Khan Market to feast your eyes on the attractive gift hampers and place your order.

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