5 Tips to eat smartly during office hours

It is easy to follow a healthy eating regime at home than in office.we end up eating unhealthy foods that make us feel bloated, lazy,gain weight unnecessary and make us feel unproductive at work.

A few tips to help you keep your eating habits on track at work.

  1. Pack home-cooked meals: Meal prepping is honestly the best way. Prepare your meals a night in advance, pack them in your boxes and carry itto your workplace. No more excuses of “I got late and I didn’t get time to cook food”.
  2. Portion control: Eating small portions of food helps you in eating right, prevents over-eating and actually helps with better energy levels. You will also be more aware of what you eat and this will help you in opting for healthier meals.
  3. Invest in protein bars or healthy snacks: This is the best tip to follow. Healthy protein meal replacement bars like one meal nupo bars can be your best friend. These bars come in different flavors and taste delicious, unlike a lot of other protein bars. Carrying other healthy snacks like goji berries, dry fruits, mixed seeds and other munchies will also help you with your snacking habits.
  4. Opt for high protein meals while ordering: High protein, good fat and less carbs is the key to maintain your weight or even lose it when combined with workouts, if that’s what you are looking for. Learn more about proteins and macros and consume accordingly.
  5. NO sugary drinks with or in between meals: Water, infused water, black coffee, infused teas, black tea, lemon water, coconut water and the list could go on. There are so many healthy options available, choose wisely.

Comment below on tips which have helped you.Any queries? Feel free to comment below or mail to us and our inhouse experts will be happy to help you.

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