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Middle Eastern Inspired Pomegranate & Black Rice Salad
What is Holistic wellness and why is it important?
“Balance” is a word we hear too often from wise people, our mentors, books and motivational and spiritual speakers and it’s because one element cannot work without the other. Similarly, holistic wellness is all about the balance between your physical, mental and emotional health.


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Choose Healthy! Be Healthy!
A healthy diet is a key to a healthy body. But these days not most of us are able to have healthy food every day. Plus preparing a meal every day to eat healthy just doesn't happen when you come back home tired after work and ordering a pizza seems much easy. Eating healthy does not mean to starve oneself instead it's more like a lifestyle change which will benefit you in the long run, not to forget the short-term benefits as well.
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5 Tips to eat smartly during office hours
It is easy to follow a healthy eating regime at home than in office.we end up eating unhealthy foods that make us feel bloated, lazy,gain weight unnecessary and make us feel unproductive at work. 
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