10 Sixth Element’s Functional Foods Which Will Transform Your Life

Sixth Element’s family has been promoting overall well-being, enhancing immunity and health through supplement rich, unadulterated foods. At Sixth Element, holistic health is our obsession and we offer items and practices that can lead you towards complete wellness. We strongly recommend our range of functional foods because of their purity and high quality.

What Are Functional Foods?

“Functional foods” is a new term which is used to depict food items which have been enriched with natural substances/products. They are treated with a particular physiological process with potential wellbeing in mind. Factors, for example, raised awareness about human well-being, improvement of the nourishment, and medication and branches of common science considering the connection between natural products and wellbeing have escalated the consumption of functional foods with visible wellness in terms of health. The market for such foods is growing rapidly; all credit goes to the awareness which rooted in people’s minds after lifestyle diseases started increasing at a fast rate.

Here Are 10 Functional Foods From Sixth Element Which Will Transform Your Life-

  1. Quinoa:food-3325068_640Regularly referred to as the super grain, quinoa (KEEN-wah) is high in fibre and top-notch protein. Indeed, it contains more protein than some other grain while additionally having iron and potassium. A one-half measure of quinoa has 14 grams of protein and 6 grams of fibre. This superfood is delegated an entire grain and is normally found without gluten. Quinoa is a small grain that concocts like rice and has a mellow, nutty flavour and a light, cushy surface like couscous. You can discover it alongside different grains in wellbeing sustenance stores and your market.
  2. Black Rice- food-3311164_640Once consumed by royalty only, black rice owes its dark shading to a scope of naturally existing compounds called anthocyanins. The same compounds are found in the purple berries like acai, blueberry and blackberry. Anthocyanins have built their reputation in the world as a class of phenomenal compounds that diminish the maturing of cells, stomach irritation, upgrade vision, enhance numerous parts of cardiovascular wellbeing, improve cerebral function, and help balance out glucose. The majority of the buzz about pomegranate, cranberry, and numerous other red-to-purple nourishments is because of their richness in anthocyanins—they are the huge contributors to cancer prevention.
  3. Goji Berries- goji-3162716_640Goji berries have been utilized as a part of conventional Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years. Old folklores report that goji berries were eaten by the Himalayan Mountains monks more than a thousand years ago. The berries were saturated with hot water to help in concentration and acquire more noteworthy well-being, imperativeness, lifespan, vitality and stamina. These wilted red berries are charged to help enhance neural framework and cerebral functioning, protect against coronary illness and disease. Goji berries contain vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin A, iron, selenium and different cancer prevention agents ( polysaccharides).
  4. Kodo Millet:Kodo millet Kodo millet is a nutritious grain and a decent substitute for rice and wheat. The grain is made out of 11% of protein, giving 9 grams/100 g. It is a superb wellspring of fibre at 10 grams (37-38%), rather than rice, which gives 0.2/100 g, and wheat, which gives 1.2/100 g. A satisfactory fibre source helps battle the hunger pangs. Kodo millet contains 66.6 g of starches and 353 kcal per 100 g of grain, tantamount to different millets. It additionally contains 3.6 g of fat for each 100 g. It gives negligible measures of iron, at 0.5/100 mg, and insignificant measures of calcium, and 27/100 mg. Kodo millets additionally contain high measures of polyphenols, a cancer prevention agent.
  5. Foxtail Millet: foxtail milletFoxtail millets are one of those overlooked grains that were a crucial part of our old culture. Otherwise called “Antiquated Grains”, these millets are something beyond an intriguing contrasting option to typically available grains. Millets are nutritious and non-glutinous. They are thought to be the minimum allergenic and most effectively absorbable grains accessible. Foxtail millets are especially high in minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. A measure of cooked millet gives 19% of the daily requirement for magnesium.
  6. Navitas Organic Camu Powder: camuThis isn’t an organic product you’ll discover on a tree or hedge in your neighbourhood. Camu, for the most part, develops in tropical regions of the Amazon rainforest in Peru, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela, where it is utilized for therapeutic purposes. Its natural products are about an indistinguishable size from a lemon, however, light orange in shading, and brimming with vitamin C. Normal health experts assert that camu has hostile to viral properties that can help with mouth blisters, herpes and shingles. Others say it’s a characteristic vitality fruit that works wonders for your eyes and gums.
  7. Navitas Organic Maca Powder: macaMaca root helps adjust our hormones and because of an excess of ecological estrogens, the vast majority’s hormones are often imbalanced. Maca empowers and supports the hypothalamus and pituitary organs which are the “ace organs” of the body. Maca root has been appeared to be valuable for a wide range of hormonal issues including PMS, menopause, and hot flashes. It is likewise a ripeness enhancer and is best known for enhancing drive and sexual capacity, particularly in men. Therefore, it’s earned the moniker “nature’s Viagra.”
  8. Navitas Organic Coconut Palm Sugar: Brown-SugarCoconut palm sugar offers a greater number of vitamins and minerals than white sugar. It contains measures of vitamin C, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and copper. Coconut sugar additionally gives little amount of phytonutrients, for example, polyphenols, flavonoids and anthocyanidin, and cell reinforcements.
  9. Roasted Seed Mix- 
Roasted Seed Mix

Roasted Seed Mix

Roasted seed mix is a complete powerhouse of energy. Cooked Pumpkin seeds may help enhance insulin control and help avoid diabetic entanglements by diminishing oxidative pressure. Flax seeds show that these seeds offer various medical advantages that add to weight reduction. Sunflower seeds are a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals and oils. Sunflower seeds contain two supplements that advance cardiovascular wellbeing – vitamin E and salt. These seeds give over 25% of the prescribed every day estimation of magnesium.

10. Raw Organic Protein: 

Plant ProteinNot at all like most plant-based protein powders, it isn’t dirty or boring. It breaks up effortlessly in your most loved smoothie or even water, and it’s delightful. With 21g of plant-based protein, 5g of fibre, and no additional sugar, each serving is a sound and delectable jolt of energy to enable you to control through an exercise or only a bustling day.


5 Reasons Why Chocolate-Valencia Spread will Make your Day

Why we cannot resist the chocolate spreads which make us go “mmmm”? The moment chocolate spread touches our taste buds, we swoon as if we have found true love. But what is the reason of us we find chocolate spreads so irresistible? Why we equate it with love? Well, we have the answer- the taste is in going back to the roots. Since people have started realising the importance of health, they are choosing products which are handmade, natural, untouched, and free of any additives. Chocolate-Valencia is one such spread which has permanently won a place in people’s hearts.  The credit goes to its pure ingredients- Valencia orange, chocolate and lemon.

5 Reasons Why Chocolate-Valencia Spread will Make Your Day-

Your Chocolate-Valencia spread is a multinational recipe. Once you know where its ingredients come from, you will not let it go out of the stock; ever.

  1. Because it contains Valencia Orange:

Valencia Orange on tree

Valencia Orange on tree

The Valencia orange (commonly accessible at the beginning of March and is available throughout September) is named after the city of Valencia in Spain, in spite of the fact that its real origin is obscure. Esteemed for their high juice content and accessibility outside of the run of the mill citrus season, Valencia oranges are famous for their thin skin and have very few seeds. They are viewed as one of the best amongst other variety of oranges for extracting the maximum amount of juice. A medium orange of any variety has just around 60 calories and gives 116% of the everyday requirement of vitamin C; 13% of dietary fibre; 10% folate; 8% thiamin; 7% potassium; 6% vitamin A; and 5% calcium. This makes such oranges an incredible natural snack to munch throughout the day. Valencia orange’s tangy twist to the spread is just perfect for those who love experimenting with tastes.

  1. Because Eureka Lemon Graces it:   


Ripe Eureka Lemon

Ripe Eureka Lemon


Eureka Lemon is one of the best lemons to make a spread. Its high juice content makes it an all-time favourite of all. Also, its presence in chocolate-valencia spread fulfils a purpose; to make it nutritious. The health gains of lemon incorporate treatment of acid reflux, gas, dental issues, throat infections, fever, stiffness, stoutness, respiratory issues, cholera, and hypertension while benefiting your hair and skin. Known for its restorative property since ages, lemon reinforces your immune system,  cleanse your stomach, and is viewed as a blood purifier. Rich in vitamin C, it has paved its way in the desserts and spreads.

  1. Because Cocoa Dominates it:

Liquid Chocolate

Liquid Chocolate

The one and only- Cocoa! You would perhaps be called a liar if you said that you don’t swoon over chocolate. People just can not stay without this luxurious product. Its introduction in the spreads and jams is to satiate the taste buds of those people who want to incorporate chocolate in every aspect of their lives.

The nutritional substance of chocolate changes as per the formula. For the most part, chocolate contains little measures of fundamental supplements, for example, protein, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper and cell regeneration.

  4. It’s Different

The moment you will taste the Chocolate-Valencia spread, you will keep coming back to taste. In fact, you may even try to learn its recipe. If you have children, be ready to be pestered by them for more of this amazing gourmet spread.

  5. It’s Hygienic

Gourmet Chocolate-Valencia spreads are carefully packed in fabulous glass jars which can be reused. The product which comes to you is as pure as love. While tasting it, you will feel the world on your taste buds. Kenyan chocolate and Spanish oranges are specially cultivated without pesticides to retain the purity of ingredients. You can heave a sigh of relief and taste this purity every day.

The Verdict

Chocolate-Valencia spread is something which will get you hooked. It’s different from jams because of its nutritional composition and different taste. Some people may find the orange and chocolate combination slightly off-track; however, it is worth it once you taste it. The subtle hint of orange makes this spread a fantastic addition to desserts and toasts. Also, who is stopping you from licking your fingers? Indulging in a sinful desire of chocolate-valencia spread is extremely healthy.


A Foodaholic’s Reason to Love Apple-Caramel Spread

Howdy! Today I want to pour my heart out for the love I have for Apple-Caramel Spread. Why so? Well, as a health-food junkie, it is my duty to spread the numerous benefits it possesses. In my childhood, I was addicted to confectionary sweets because of the sugar-rush they gave me. My college life didn’t contribute anything to my health either. And staying away from home made my food-habits worse. I started eating more and more in the name of being a foodaholic. If I had to describe myself, I will imagine myself as a pot-bellied teenager who looked like a beer addict. After facing a lot of problems,  I finally experimented with gourmet spreads. It was then I fell in love with Apple-Caramel Spread, and my journey to the path of health began.

After getting hooked to Apple-Caramel Spread, I started researching about its ingredients. Apple and Caramel are its two main ingredients, and you can always feel a hint of citrus flavour. That’s because it has lemon as well. Two main ingredients are the base of this mouth-watering recipe. Let’s have a look at them.


  1. The Crunchy Caramel

Caramel Core

Caramel Core

The world is full of people who have a sweet tooth and can’t resist anything sweet. One thing is for sure, their favourite thing among sweets is caramel. Not only you can pair it with your favourite desserts, but you can savour it alone as well. Caramel is a medium-to dim orange sweet item made by boiling variety of sugars. It can be utilized as a taste enhancer in puddings and sweets, as a filling in bonbons (small candies coated in chocolate), or as a garnish for frozen yoghurt and custard.


However, don’t forget that excess of everything is bad. A 2.5-ounce serving of caramels contains 271 calories and 5.75 grams of fat, of which 1.75 are saturated. Diets rich in sugar your danger of Type 2 diabetes, coronary illness and weight pick up. Caramel supplies little measures of calcium, potassium and vitamin A too.


  1. The Red Ripe Apple


Apples supply a lot of fibre, which can decrease your danger of stomach related issues, for example, blockage. Fibre can help counteract haemorrhoids (bowel-related issues). One entire apple supplies 4.4 grams of fibre toward the 21 to 25 grams women require every day and the 30 to 38 grams men ought to get. An entire apple additionally supplies vitamin C for enhanced immunity, potassium for your cardiovascular health and vitamin K to help clot your blood. It is extremely beneficial to people suffering from blood clots.

The phytochemicals in apples are known to shield you from coronary illness, tumour and other perpetual health-related conditions. Likewise, apples supply quercetin, catechin, phloridzin and chlorogenic corrosive, which are capable cancer prevention agents that shield you from cell harm. After some time, cell harm builds your danger of growth and coronary illness.


A Note to the Reader

Apple-Caramel Spread is a perfect blend of sin and taste. Caramel is a sinfully tasty refined product, while apples are full of natural nutrients. A lemony twist will surprise you every now and then. Besides, Apple is my favourite fruit! Apple-Caramel spread is the best way I can consume the fruit I love. You must try it too. 



5 Lip-smacking Benefits of Date & Green Apple Spread

We are pretty sure that you would have grown up hearing this phrase- “Apple of my eye.” Shakespeare also used it in the 1590s when he wrote ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Sadly, the poor date did not manage to get a place in the idiom history. They were admired separately for their qualities. Later, modern world happened and food industry started growing. People went crazy over the natural spreads which were devoid of any artificial preservatives or colouring.

Out of many flavours, Date & Green Apple spread has made a special place in the hearts of people. In fact, Indian subcontinent loves this flavour unanimously. But have you thought why it is such a favourite of all? Well, we will explain it to you below.

5 Reasons Why Date & Green Apple Spread is Extremely Healthy-

Remember- “You are what you eat.” Health is achievable only when even your spreads and jams contain healthy ingredients. The beneficial recipe of Date & Green Apple consists of-

1) Apple: Is there anyone whose mouth doesn’t water at the thought of an apple? Well, we haven’t known any so far.

Green apples have gleaming skin, alongside a succulent body. They’re high in fibre and help keep the stomach related tract perfect and solid. A little, crude, unpeeled apple (around 5 ounces) has around 77 calories and very nearly 4 grams of fibre. Yes, this is the healthiest ingredient of this spread.

2) Dates: Anyone who has a sweet tooth and still wants to stay healthy would most probably opt for sweet and fleshy fruit which will satiate your desire to consume sugar. It is full of essential minerals, for example, calcium, press, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and zinc can be found in them. They additionally contain vitamins, for example, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin An, and vitamin K. Dates are extremely form of natural sugar which are known to cure anemia.

3) Lemon: Don’t you just love citrusy fruits?  Lemon juice contains 31 percent of the suggested daily intake of vitamin C and 3 percent of folate and 2 percent of potassium — just around 13 calories. An entire raw lemon contains 139 percent of the suggested every day vitamin C intake and consists of  22 calories. Vitamin C deficiency is often cured by regular intake of lemons

4) Cinnamon:  It is an extremely popular spice of Indian subcontinent. We will tell you why is it so- one tablespoon of ground cinnamon contains 19 calories. 0 grams of fat, sugar, or protein. 4 grams of fibre. It is a high source of antioxidants, contains anti-inflammatory properties, promotes cardiovascular health, helps combat diabetes. It also defends against cognitive degeneration and protects brain damage.

5) Clove: Minerals in cloves incorporate calcium, press, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, and zinc. The vitamins found in them incorporate vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin D, and vitamin K.

Cloves offer numerous medical advantages, some of which incorporate supporting in absorption, battling against growth, ensuring the liver, boosting the invulnerable framework, controlling diabetes, and safeguarding bone quality.

The Growing Market of Healthy Gourmet Spreads

Some time ago, food industry gave space to several chemical free fruit-spreads which could be consumed by people of any age; all thanks to the fitness-related awareness. The 21st century is a booming industry for health, exercise and the foods which need to be eaten to stay healthy.

A greater part of purchasers in the developed nations are searching for natural fruit spreads with no simulated additives or added substances, as the nonstop utilization of fake added substances bit by bit prompts long haul antagonistic wellbeing impacts. The reason for including seasoning specialists, additives, and sweeteners is to create distinctive item assortments with the larger time-frame of staying on shelves. Characteristic added substances are relatively costlier, and they don’t maintain item quality over expanded periods. Be that as it may, a few mass producers have presented spreads/rich spreads with no counterfeit additives and flavour.

Health is no longer an unachievable goal. People are waking up and taking their diet seriously. As a result, the market of healthy foods is spreading.




5 Fascinating Facts About Superfood Kiwi


In today’s time, you will barely find anyone who isn’t familiar with kiwi. If you aren’t acquainted with this fascinating powerhouse of nutrients, then we will give you reasons to savor its taste.

Said to be of Chinese origin, Kiwi has been esteemed for its healing properties since a long time. Incidentally, along the course of history, it came to be known as the national product of New Zealand rather and was reintroduced to the world as ‘kiwi’ as opposed to its old monikers – yang tao and Chinese gooseberry. Evidently, it discovered its approach to New Zealand by means of the evangelists and increased such fame in the nation that it began being developed monetarily and was advertised as ‘kiwi’, the national bird of New Zealand. The Europeans and the Americans excessively dunked in, making it impossible to its notoriety, as they promptly began utilizing it in their grains, sweets and other edible recipes.

Why is Kiwi Incredible?

Kiwi is an incredible wellspring of vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Different vitamins including vitamin A, folate, vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol), and vitamin K (phylloquinone) are likewise present in great sums. The mineral abundance of kiwi incorporates a gigantic amount of potassium alongside different minerals, for example, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous. All these essential supplements in the organic product accompany a special reward of dietary fiber. A 100-gram serving of kiwifruit has around 61 calories and 15 grams of starches. In this way, a little kiwi natural product stores a fortune of nourishing amazements.

5 Astonishing Benefits of Kiwi-

  1. Kiwi is important for keeping up a sound stomach. It is a tasty wellspring of fiber which aids digestion and keeps up intestinal well-being. It helps in giving alleviation from constipation by invigorating the digestive system. The regular diuretic properties of this natural product are attributable to its fiber content. It adds mass to the stool and makes it delicate.
  2. Experiencing difficulty in sleeping? Various researches have found that kiwi fruit contains numerous therapeutically properties, among which cancer prevention agents and serotonin might be useful in the treatment of sleep issue.
  3. A spectacular fruit like Kiwi is one of the high fiber nourishments keep one full for more and control metabolic markers like circulatory strain, cholesterol and glucose. It likewise induces weight reduction and is frequently prescribed to diabetics.
  4. Kiwi offers an amazing measure of vitamin C, phenolic segments, and carotenoids which enhance well-being to a greater extent. A near report including kiwi, oranges, and grapefruit uncovered that kiwi natural product contains more grounded cancer prevention agent characteristics when contrasted with the last mentioned. Crediting to the nearness of supporting phytochemicals, it has a capacity to ensure the DNA display in the body cells from oxidative harm caused by free radicals, consequently decreasing the danger of irritations and sicknesses.
  5. As said, kiwifruit is rich in polyphenols along with vitamin C, vitamin E, and potassium which are compelling in the improving cardiovascular wellbeing. This natural product applies inhibitory exercises in blood vessels which help in the reduction of triglycerides in the blood, along these lines enhancing general cardiac well-being.

Go ahead and try this fabulous goldmine of health!


5 Reasons to Hug Your Mother Now

Mother is an emotion which cannot be described in words. No matter what, her voice soothes you; calms down the worst storms in your mind; and gives you a refuge which settles your soul in peace. She is a gift whose worth is immeasurable. You do not only share half of your DNA with her, you share a soulful bond with the best teacher and nurturer of your life. The sooner you realize her importance, the better.

Often, we neglect this emotion of other “essential” things in life. Our priorities change towards monetary gains rather than inner satisfaction. But have you ever wondered that why “Mother” comes to our mind when we are distressed? Why can no amount of riches saturate the void which happens in her absence?

We will tell you 5 Reasons Why You Must Hug Your Mother Now-

1) She is selfless-
Your mother became a mother in a true sense when she conceived you. Even without seeing you she started loving you unconditionally. The very decision to bring you into this world is the evidence that a mother’s love knows no bounds.
2) She is Flawed-
Whenever you feel that her fashion sense is not latest or she is an old-school soul, remember that she sacrificed her beauty and welcomed stretch marks. She might have hated the idea of flawed skin but embraced the imperfections when you came. When you were born, she gave you priority over her body-image. That is the purest form of love you will ever feel.
3) She is Forgiving-
Moms are known to forgive even the biggest mistakes; so pardon her consequently. Maybe nothing will be as significant a blessing to both of you as absolution. Open your heart and drop your feelings of hatred. Now that is what we called true love.
4) She shaped you as a Person-
Her limits improved you as a person. You might not have loved a portion of her choices, particularly when you needed to party with your companions, yet she kept you out of inconvenience. Take a gander at a portion of your companions without a mother who has minded that much. Her thinking might be different but her instinct was correct.
5) She Covered Up for You-
This is something you cannot deny. Your mother covered up your mistakes because of her love for you. Mothers are known to defend their children like lionesses but they are also the ones who will give you cold treatment to make you realize your mistakes. The world may turn against you but your mother will not.

A Note to the Reader-

A mother without a doubt assumes the most indispensable part of our general life. Her significance and noteworthiness in our life are superlative to every other ownership. Regardless of the amount you succeed the one working and supplicating behind the scene for you is dependably a mother.

Promising you to give the ideal things at her end, she is the one to be expressed gratitude toward for making you what you are today. Her limitless love and dedication are superior to everything else in this world. What’s more? With regards to committing one day in the year just to her, it ought to be made as exceptional as she is in our lives. The bond between a mother and a child can be best savored on the event of Mother’s Day.


What is Holistic wellness and why is it important?

“Balance” is a word we hear too often from wise people, our mentors, books and motivational and spiritual speakers and it’s because one element cannot work without the other. Similarly, holistic wellness is all about the balance between your physical, mental and emotional health. Ignoring your mental- emotional health while only concentrating on your physical form will not contribute to your overall growth and wellness. To lead a quality life and reach your optimum health, we need to realize how everything in us is interlinked to each other and that is what we call Wellness. Being healthy, overall, is the key.

This Health Day, let’s be more aware of what is Holistic Wellness and it’s absolute importance in everyone’s life. Talk to your loved ones; share it with everyone you know. Dedicate this day and every other day to spread knowledge about mental, emotional, physical health: people need it. Here is the  break-down  of the basic  elements that define Holistic wellness, for better understanding.

  • Emotional Wellness: Looking into your emotional health is very important. Choose to be happy, have a positive outlook and don’t ignore your emotions. Talk to a therapist or your friends/family and deal with situations and your emotions. Step out of any toxic relationships or habits and you will see a difference.
  • Physical Wellness: Working out and eating right is not only about building your body to look a specific way or losing weight, it’s about taking care of your body and treating it right. Exercising and eating healthy reflects on your body, skin and mood. You will feel better, fitter, stronger and in return you will be in a better shape and health. Do whatever you like- swimming, gymming, cycling, waking, running or even dancing. Prepare your meals, choose the healthy lifestyle. Keep your body moving to keep the energy going.
  • Mental Wellness: This element is the most important, specially because people refuse to address or talk about it. Mental health is as or even more important than anything else. Just how you go to a doctor when you don’t feel well, you need to seek help for any issues like depression, anxiety and such. Reach out to people ad friends/family who you think need help, spread awareness, go to a therapist, do things you love, cut out people who you feel aren’t good for you, from your life, lead a healthier lifestyle, talk to someone- ANYTHING. It’s time we take our mental health seriously. Seek help and help others.
  • Spiritual Wellness: Giving yourself time and attention should be a part of your routine. Meditate, take some time off, read books which help you grow. Believe in yourself and your talent and do things that are help you relax. Spiritualism helps you discover yourself, your faith and belief. Practice.
  • Social Wellness: Social wellness is all about surrounding yourself with people who are important to you, who help you grow, who have a positive influence in your life and those who motivate you. Cut out toxic people from your life- they will never allow you to reach your best.This World Health Day, Let’s promise to take better care of ourselves and make our wellness our priority.

Reach out to people who need help and guidance, eat cleaner food, move around more, look into our emotions, meditate, reflect, smile more often and have a positive outlook. Remember, align your mind, body and spirit for a holistic approach towards life.


The already-awesome goodness of honey now gets some exotic natural flavors

Jamun, eucalyptus, Gulkand – the list of flavored honey is something you should not miss..
Gone are the days when honey meant one jar on your kitchen shelf.
Isn’t it exciting to have at least five flavors of honey lined up on your shelf – each with its own unique benefits?
If you browse online you will see that you are spoilt for choices. There are many flavors of honey available online. There are some familiar and some not so familiar names that you will get to read.
What does it mean to have flavored honey? Does it mean that some flavor is added to natural honey?
Yes in some instances that is true. But the true joy of flavored honey is when the flavor is natural. It means that the bees feed on particular flowers which makes the honey acquire the natural flavor of that particular flower. The flavor is mild and inbuilt and is not overwhelming.
Beekeepers have experimented successfully with this concept. Eucalyptus honey is one such flavor where the bees feed on the flowers of the eucalyptus tree. The flavor is awesome and this honey has amazing medicinal benefits.
This honey is great for any type of cold and cough related ailments. It can be fed to children and the elderly alike. It would be a shame not to have this honey on your shelf especially with the changing season. Find this flavored honey online. Eat it straight or mix it in your tea (the tea should be lukewarm and not piping hot), in desserts.. it will do wonders for your immunity.
Jamun honey is yet another amazing flavor. For people who are fond of this purple fruit, this is an amazing new way to experience the flavor. The slightly rough texture of the fruit is smoothened by the sweetness of honey. And yes this is a naturally flavored honey where the bees feed on the Jamun flowers and the result is quite fascinating. Jamun is known to be useful for many ailments including diabetes. Of course honey is a natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
And like we mentioned before some flavored honey is about adding flavor externally for enhanced benefits. One such flavored honey is Gulkand honey. With the onset of summers, this is a must have honey in your home. Gulkand which is made of Rose petals and exquisite dry fruits is known to be a natural coolant. And when this is added to honey the combination is an elixir in a bottle. You can consume this straight or use it in cooling summer drinks like lassi or milkshakes. It will keep the summer heat away especially for children and the elderly at home. It is a natural energy booster.
All kinds of flavored honey are available online and when you want to be sure of the best quality just go to our online shop and you will be amazed at the different flavors that we offer to our esteemed customers.

5 healthy foods you can snack on, any time

Let’s accept it, snacking is our favorite thing to do. We snack in between meals, whether we are at office, at home or out. Snacking prevents us from overeating our meals and keeps our blood sugar level stable. It is beneficial and helpful if done the right way. It’s time we ditch all the fried and unhealthy snacks and take a step towards healthier and wholesome foods. If you munch on the right foods, it can, infact, help you lose weight. Really!

Here at 5 foods you can snack on, anytime of the day.

Nuts and seeds: If eaten in the right quantity, nuts like almonds, peanuts, raisins, walnuts and seeds like Pumpkin seeds,      sunflowers seeds keep you full and healthy. They are high in fiber, minerals, proteins, vitamins and low In carbs. You can get your hands on the best roasted seedmix from Sixth Element.

Fruits: Fruits are nutritious and natural form of sugar. Curb your hunger and your sweet tooth with some fresh organic fruits.

Protein Bars: They are one of the best options for snacking. They are packed with protein, fibers and energy. They provide the instant boost which is why you will hear a lot of nutritionists recommending them. Carry them in your bag/purse and get munching.

Peanut butter/ Almond butter: All of us need something to go with our morning and evening coffee/ tea. It’s time to give up on those biscuits (they are loaded with sugar and carbs). Just take one spoonful of peanut butter or almond butter and have it with your coffee/tea OR any time of the day. Packed with protein and energy, this is a great way to curb your hunger pangs.

Hummus: There’s nothing more healthy and delicious than snacking (or having it as a meal) on hummus. Cut some cucumber, carrots, beetroots and have it with the dip. It keeps your tummy full and cravings satisfied.

Make sure you eat high quality organic food or the purpose of these snacks will get defeated. It is easy to get lured into eating high calorie unhealthy food. Choose the best Holistic wellness store to buy these quality foods.


Ways to include superfoods in your diet

Superfoods are nutrient powerhouse and are super rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals among many other health benefits. With the superfoods flooding the market, we have seen people often confused as to what are the different ways in which they can include those in their daily routine. While we know how good they are for us, it gets difficult to eat a superfood everyday if we don’t know how to make them a part of our meal.

Here are some ways to incorporate those super power packed foods in your diet:


Salads: Sprinkle a small handful of seedsmix on top of your salad to give it that extra crunch, taste and make it a wholesome meal. Goji berries are great on salads too.


A great salad would be with quinoa, seed mix, goji berries, broccoli, pomegranate and some orange juice or lemon. This bowl is a power salad.


Bowl Meals: Meal in a bowl is a great way to insure that you eat in a controlled quantity along with filling your tummy. Quinoa is one of the best, healthiest and the most filling bowl meals packed with protein, which is also wheat-free. You can also make khichdi, with half a portion of quinoa. Make sure to cook it properly.


Shakes and smoothies: Make delicious Berry smoothies with some strawberries, blueberries, cranberries or goji Berry, bananas, yogurt, honey and SeedMix. This smoothie will be a glass packed with antioxidants, protein, vitamin C and all things good.

Antioxidant rich Goji berries


Black Rice: Replace your normal rice with Boiled Black Rice, few times a week. It is 12 times richer in antioxidants and fiber, making it a better option. Sticky black rice can be had with anything, only making your meal more wholesome and healthy.

Black rice

Superfoods can transform your life and make it healthier. Sixth element can be your wellness partner and guide to become the best version of you!!