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Our bodies are made up of five elements. Our Sixth Element is wellness, fitness, vitality, immunity and energy. SIXTH ELEMENT is an expression of your liveliness, cheerfulness, happiness and well-being. It expresses your eternal youth, overflowing vigour, unlimited vitality for which you need the right diet to remain ultra-fit with high resistance to disease. SIXTH ELEMENT takes care of the five elements gifted to us by existence.





Observation of life in present times brought to light, the fact that lack of energy, poor immunity and overall strength of the body have become the common trend. This revelation gave us to rise towards the urge to bring out a change in the dynamics of an individual’s health, SIXTH ELEMENT was thus born.

Set up in 2013, Sixth Element has become a prominent Online Store for Natural Foods in India offering premium quality super-foods under one umbrella. Our complete natural food range is rich in nutrients, pure, additives free and organic. SIXTH ELEMENT brought these hard-to-find Organic and Health foods from the far corners of the world including Cacao Powder, Camu Powder, Chia Seeds, Goji Berries, Palm Sugar, Quinoa Super-Grain, Trail Mix and many more.

Parallely, the extensive research on the ancient wisdom of blessed land India inspired SIXTH ELEMENT to generate an array of Wellness products from within the country. Our experts have travelled around the world and managed to offer a marked range of Online Natural products such as – naturally flavoured honey, luscious fruit spreads, super grains like black rice & millets and many more such gems.

At Sixth Element, we believe that energy, growth, inspiration and aspiration are the best version of oneself. We are passionate to bring for our customers the best from all over the world. In this spirit of building awareness and to highlight the need for a holistic diet, SIXTH ELEMENT in collaboration with the Indian Culinary Forum organized the seminar to introduce and promote Superfoods in the five-star hotels and top restaurants. The seminar was conducted by Ms Mandeep Thakaral, a well-known health and nutrition expert. It was attended by around 80 top chefs along with other guests from across the country. This, however, was just the beginning, we are dreaming of making each individual healthy. One product at a time makes each family healthy.

Sixth Element is an ideal name for Natural Food Products, which leads you towards Holistic sense of Wellbeing. Quality is a matter of ethics for us and we are here to become a trusted element in yours and your loved ones’ life. We wish to become your companions on your journey towards a happy and healthy life!



Why choose Sixth Element?



Nutrient-rich, Pure Foods

We offer naturally grown, pure and unprocessed foods straight from nature’s heartlands.

Health Enthusiasts

We have been sourcing the best of Superfoods from around the world and making them available to our customers in India since 2013.

Nature's Love at your doorstep

We procure rare herbs and other raw materials from native heartlands, to create premium, export quality health foods for you.

Constant Growth

Our passion for health & wellness keeps us continuously striving to identify premium health foods for our customers

Overall well-being

At Sixth Element we believe in the overall well-being of an individual and also offer tailor-made meditative experiences for groups and individuals.

Holistic Wellness

With a promise to improve your life with our products, we hold Holistic Wellness as our belief, our inspiration, and our dream!