Eucalyptus Honey
Besides its very distinct taste and aroma, what makes it so special is its host of health benefits.
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In India eucalyptus honey is collected from the dense forest of Nilgiri mountains of Tamil Nadu. Eucalyptus honey has been used to protect against colds and headaches. With a hint of mint flavour, it can be quite effective in alleviating mild cough, chest congestion, and other cold symptoms. Eucalyptus honey naturally has traces of eucalyptol compounds that have been carried in the nectar by the honey bee from the flower to hive, it makes the honey slightly medicinal taste. Tasting notes: This honey varies greatly in color and flavor but tends to have a special herbal flavor, with a woody, warm, and slightly medicinal aftertaste. Usage: It goes well with Morning Tea, baked goods, sauces, and dressings. One Bottle Contains 250 grams of Pure Natural Eucalyptus Honey

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