Sixth Element launches premium, wellness tea range

Sixth Element is proud to add a premium range of tea to its list of wellness products. After a lot of research and analysis Sixth Element has included four varieties of tea to its range. Sourced from one of the highest tea plantations in Darjeeling, our tea is packed in the gardens itself so as to retain the best flavours and aromas.


Exotique Green Tea is made from tea leaves grown on the high reaches of Darjeeling. This whole leaf tea has a luscious dark green color and has an exquisite smooth taste with summer flavor. It has a lingering and sweet long lasting aftertaste.

Green tea is naturally enriched with antioxidants that greatly benefit the body. These include de-stressing effect, improved functioning of heart, brain and reduction of bad cholesterol levels. Green tea boosts metabolism, energy levels and oxidation of fat.


Golden storm is one of the finest Oolong tea from the high reaches of Darjeeling. Golden storm is a slightly fermented and semi-oxidized tea with a rich golden colour and a very delightful flavour.


Oolong tea helps you burn fat faster by raising your metabolism for up to two hours after drinking it. Drinking Oolong tea reduces bad cholesterol, increases mental alertness and improves digestion.


Queen’s Delicacy is an exquisite white tea that is harvested in early spring from the tea gardens located in the high reaches of Darjeeling — the undisputed kingdom of the finest tea in India. It is the least-processed and healthiest of all teas. When brewed properly, Queen’s Delicacy gives a pale yellow color and the brew has a mild sweet flavor.


This premium tea is a least oxidized tea that is known to have far more health benefits than any other variety of tea. It is a stress buster and calms down the mind. Its health benefits include reduced risk of cancer, cardiovascular disorder and improvement in oral health.


Rare Spring White is a premium spring collection. It is a white tea made from the tender, unopened leaf buds and has a flavor that can be best described as ‘exquisite & lighter’ than any other tea.


Rare Spring White is loaded with anti-oxidants, making it one of the healthiest wellness beverage of our times. Besides having anti-aging and nerve soothing properties, it is also known to help in maintaining a flawless skin and good oral health. This premium white tea also helps in regulating diabetes, blood pressure, and cardiovascular disorders.


The teas are available is attractive boxes which you can proudly display in your kitchen and on your tray


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