Ways to include superfoods in your diet

Superfoods are nutrient powerhouse and are super rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals among many other health benefits. With the superfoods flooding the market, we have seen people often confused as to what are the different ways in which they can include those in their daily routine. While we know how good they are for us, it gets difficult to eat a superfood everyday if we don’t know how to make them a part of our meal.

Here are some ways to incorporate those super power packed foods in your diet:


Salads: Sprinkle a small handful of seedsmix on top of your salad to give it that extra crunch, taste and make it a wholesome meal. Goji berries are great on salads too.


A great salad would be with quinoa, seed mix, goji berries, broccoli, pomegranate and some orange juice or lemon. This bowl is a power salad.


Bowl Meals: Meal in a bowl is a great way to insure that you eat in a controlled quantity along with filling your tummy. Quinoa is one of the best, healthiest and the most filling bowl meals packed with protein, which is also wheat-free. You can also make khichdi, with half a portion of quinoa. Make sure to cook it properly.


Shakes and smoothies: Make delicious Berry smoothies with some strawberries, blueberries, cranberries or goji Berry, bananas, yogurt, honey and SeedMix. This smoothie will be a glass packed with antioxidants, protein, vitamin C and all things good.

Antioxidant rich Goji berries


Black Rice: Replace your normal rice with Boiled Black Rice, few times a week. It is 12 times richer in antioxidants and fiber, making it a better option. Sticky black rice can be had with anything, only making your meal more wholesome and healthy.

Black rice

Superfoods can transform your life and make it healthier. Sixth element can be your wellness partner and guide to become the best version of you!!


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