5 Reasons to choose Organic Food and its Products

What is organic food?
Organic foods are those which are generally not processed through irradiation, industrial solvents or synthetic food additives.
So what are the 5 reasons for consuming Organic foods and its products?
1. It is better for the body to digest and for the foods nutrients to be broken down into the bodies respective cycles. Without the general contamination faced when consuming irradiated or synthetic based foods the body correctly breaks down the nutrients and uses them efficiently.
2. A natural form of skin care. Say goodbye to acne or irritating outbreaks that you otherwise would get through drinking soda or oily processed food. The glow on your skin will turn heads for sure.
3. Organic food consumption by children have positive effects on growth as their bodies are constantly working in overdrive thus breaking down nutrients faster. Because of this their immunity is made much stronger.
4. Organic juices such as carrot or cranberry juice amplify their respective health benefits for people such as stronger roots for hair due to keratin and also making one’s heart stronger and less susceptible to cardiovascular issues.
5. Better for the wildlife around the farms and people living there as toxic pesticides and fumes are not present in the environment. This being a cherry on the top. A pretty good clause for staying humane if I say so myself.


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