6 Ultimate Benefits Of Organic Honey In A Nutshell!

Honey normally contains nutrients that have an assortment of health and therapeutic advantages. Maybe that is the reason it has been utilised as a society cure all through history. Even today nectar is as yet a mainstream food and is even utilised as a part of a few healing facilities as a medicinal treatment for wounds. In any case, these health advantages are particular to organic honey.

Here Are Six Benefits Of Organic Honey You Must Know-

  1. Contains Cancer Prevention Agents:

Organic honey contains anti-ageing agents called phenols. A few varieties of honey have the same number of cell reinforcements as leafy foods. Cancer prevention agents help to shield your body from cell harm because of free radicals. Free radicals add to the ageing procedure and may likewise add to the incessant infections, for example, malignancy and coronary illness.

  1. Improves Digestion:

Organic honey is often used to regard stomach related problems, for example, issues of the bowels. It has turned out to be powerful as a treatment for peptic ulcers. Just take 1-2 teaspoons before meals and you will be relieved from the pain and other stomach related issues. Organic honey is well-known to benefit elderly who often have bowel-related issues.

  1. Provides Sun-Protection:

Phytonutrients are the compounds found in plants that help protect you from harmful radiations emitting from the sun-burns. Phytonutrients provide both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, which help you maintain good health. These valuable nutrients are unique to organic honey and disappear when honey is artificially processed.

  1. Antifungal and Antibacterial:

Organic honey can wreak havoc on undesirable microorganisms. Hydrogen peroxide, a disinfectant, is the key component in this honey. A few healing facilities have established organic honey’s efficacy in beating methicillin-safe Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a sort of staph bacterial disease that is turned out to be impervious to anti-toxins.

  1. Improves Athletic Performance:

Recent researches have demonstrated that organic honey is a great ergogenic and aides in boosting the glucose burning. It is an incredible method to keep up glucose levels, revive muscles, and re-establish glycogen after an exercise, and additionally direct the measure of insulin in the body.

  1. Helps Fight Obesity:

On the off chance that you are hoping to lose weight by regulating calories, you may consider organic honey. The basic routine comprises of taking two tablespoons of organic honey before bed. Likewise, this honey may enable you to shed pounds by being utilised in the place of different sweeteners. The good news is that a tablespoon of honey contains approximately 65 calories.


Makers process the vast majority of the nectar you find in supermarkets. Warming the honey enhances the shading and evacuates any undesirable crystallisation. A large numbers of the cancer prevention agents and microscopic organisms are eliminated or pulverised during the process. On the contrary, organic honey is one of the best paths to achieving complete wellness.


5 reasons Why Yoga Is The Perfect Path To Holistic Well-Being!

Yoga is a training for your body and brain with its roots that lie in ancient Indian history. It isn’t only a wellness way, but a lifestyle. Through yoga stances and asanas, you can manage your prana or life drive emphatically. It explains why Yoga is uniting people despite cultural differences. This International Yoga Day, let’s understand the heart of this ancient school and the reason for it becoming a healing path for millions across the world.

1. Guides You Towards Overall Fitness:

Genuine well-being originates from being adjusted, both physically, rationally and inwardly. Dealing with our physical well-being needs while overlooking our psychological and emotional needs will prompt an imbalance in our bodies. Yoga contains three components- physical postures or ‘asanas’, controlled breathing or ‘pranayamas’, and unwinding using meditation.

2. Reduces Stress:

In the event that gets you stressed, you can rapidly do some breathing that will lessen the stress in the sensory system. Studies have demonstrated that yoga and its self-alleviating strategies can help you stay calm and composed. It additionally lessens nervousness promptly, adjusting the pressure reaction framework.

3.Teaches Mindfulness:

Our minds tend to never be still which leads us to ponder the past or what’s to come. Yoga encourages us to be aware of our considerations and frequently take our thoughts back to the present minute. Preparing our psyche to be more focused on the present, it empowers us to feel more responsible for ourselves and our psychological state.

4. Enhances Self-Awareness:

Yoga builds your mind-body association and establishes body mindfulness. You are more mindful of your own physical restrictions when practising. Yoga can likewise assist you in being more mindful of our overall well-being. It can assist us with feeling more associated and cherishing towards others, in spite of any distinctions.

5. Promotes Self-Healing:

Yoga supports detoxification of our body and mind. Rehearsing yoga can enact our bodies self-recuperating reaction and can assist us with healing any ailment- be it physical, psychological or emotional. Rehearsing yoga truly conveys to the surface anything that should be settled inside our bodies, and furthermore inside our lives.

Yoga encompasses the essence of holistic wellness. In the words of Tiffany Crikshank, “When we feel the pain we feel separated from our self and from our own body; we feel disconnected. In yoga, we’re uncovering what exists inside of us and we learn to see that what’s there is already whole and complete”.



5 Reasons Why Black Rice Is The King Of All Varieties!

Black Rice alludes to an assortment of rice belonging to the species Oryza sativa, and is immensely popular because of its nutritive properties. This rice has a unimaginably rich history. Also known as Imperial rice, it was strictly grown for the royalty’s consumption. Black rice has experienced times when it was nearly overshadowed because of the popularity of other cheaper white rice varieties, but resurgence in popularity has brought new life to this ancient and venerable grain.

5 Reasons Why Black Rice Is Better Than Other Rice Varieties-

Today, Asian Black Rice is gaining popularity because of its delicately nutty taste and its substantial health benefits. It would be a pity if its benefits are not looked upon.

1.High Iron Content

Black Rice is astoundingly rich in iron. It’s a must for those worried about getting enough iron on a plant based eating routine. Iron is a basic ingredient for red blood cells’ creation, for energy generation in body, and notwithstanding for digestion.

2. Rich in Protein

Black rice is additionally higher in protein than different assortments of rice. It can fill your stomach in very less amount, and satisfies your craving for carbohydrates. Getting enough protein isn’t difficult to do on a plant based diet since such a large number of plant based foods are rich in protein.

3. A Naturally Gluten Free Grain

Black rice normally comprises of no gluten (protein found in wheat, rye and grains which imparts elastic or chewy texture to the dish while cooking). Gluten sensitivity makes people suffer from symptoms like swelling, diarrohea and nutritional deficiency. Black rice is the ultimate solution in such cases.

4. Rich In Antioxidants

Black rice is full of antioxidants, especially anthocyanin, which can lessen chances of infection and cardiovascular issues. Anthocyanin is packed in the bits of its external layer which gives it a dull shading. This rice contains high amount of vitamin E (which fortifies the immunity and benefits skin and eyes) and manganese (which is good for reproductive system and brain’s development).

5. Royal Taste And Texture

Dark rice has an unusual yet intriguing fragrance. It has delectably nutty taste, delicate surface and a wonderful profound purple shading that makes it stand out in any dish. Black rice is commended all around the world for its health benefits which makes it the ideal rice choice for anyone who is concerned about their well-being.

There are no genuine disadvantages to eating dark rice. It’s a supplement rich, low fat, wellspring of natural carbohydrates and is delicious and versatile. After all, the grain which stole the hearts of royalty must have something unique. There was a reason why it was forbidden for the consumption of regular people.


5 Reasons Why You Should Start Caring For Environment Now!

“She is soft, but knows when to stand her ground. Natural disasters aren’t a mistake.” –  Peta Kelly

Yes, we need to wake up. Protecting environment isn’t the duty of government; it’s ours! It’s easy to shrug-off the responsibilities but it is equally difficult to own them. Nature is the duty of every person on this planet.

Here are a few reasons why you should treat the Earth well:

  1. It mirrors your identity

The way you treat the others reflects who you really are; be it a person, animal or a natural resource. Would you be able to state that you are a dependable individual on the off chance that you treat the earth thoughtlessly? A decent individual will treat nature capably. So treat the earth well and demonstrate your innate goodness.

  1. To make yourself worthy of nature

You will be more joyful throughout everyday life on the off chance that you focus on giving instead of getting, and treating the earth well is one approach to provide for the others in your age. By treating the earth well, you improve this planet a place to live in for everybody. You encourage yourself and other individuals. There are some things which money can’t buy- leaving a positive impact on others.

  1. To leave a better Earth for future generation

Not just treating the earth well advantages you and other individuals in current age, it will likewise profit individuals in numerous ages to come. This planet is our inheritance to the who and what is to come. What sort of heritage would we say we will provide for them? Will we give them a more regrettable planet than the one we acquire from past ages?

  1. It’s an approach to offer back to the planet

We cannot just keep on living by exploiting exhaustible  resources given by this planet. We need to understand that our hunger for development is taking a toll on earth. Our conscience needs to understand that mother nature has everything for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed. Use biodegradable utilities, don’t litter, be kind to animals, and avoid wasting petroleum. Treating the earth mindfully is an approach to offer back to the planet.

  1. Because you can bring the change

Our generation has a one of its kind opportunity. In the event that we set our brains to it, we could be the first in mankind’s history to leave our kids nothing! This statement can be interpreted in two ways. Either we can continue rampant exploitation of the nature and leave nothing to our children or we can leave “nothing” to worry about- no ozone harming discharges, no hardships, no biodiversity loss and no guilty conscience.

In view of this, I will state that love nature and frame a bond with it. Give away what you can; for bliss lies in little things. The way to a worthy existence is esteeming the presence of everybody, even non-living creatures. Give us a chance to return to our underlying foundations, as opposed to running towards rampant development. Human species needs to demonstrate its value.


6 Benefits Of Camu Everyone Must know About


  1. Lifts the Immune System

Camu has the highest amount of vitamin C on the among all fruits. It can have 60 times more vitamin C than an orange and 56 times in excess of a lemon! Camu helps sustain the body the vital supplements it needs to appropriately detoxify and recuperate. Vitamin C from camu can likewise protect us from free radicals and different pathogens.

  1. Enhances Liver Health

The intense proportion of cancer prevention agents and phytochemicals in camu can help battle against illness and liver related issues. The high vitamin C content is particularly key to camu’s capacity to enhance liver wellbeing. For people with liver problems like cirrhosis, vitamin C has demonstrated wonderful results.

  1. Upgrades Mood

Camu’s abnormal amounts of vitamin C can help in mood enhancement by producing more serotonin, — and it’s the reason camu can be a potential solution for depression. Truth be told, individuals who have an inadequacy in vitamin C frequently feel more discouraged and depressed.

  1. Enhances Gum and Cardiac Health

Camu’s intense cell reinforcements and antiviral capacity can help battle against gum ailments like gingivitis. Several studies have demonstrated that cell reinforcement Camu helps lessen free radicals, which are causative factors in the movement of gingival and periodontal medical issues.

  1. Slows Down Aging

Camu has been contemplated for its conceivable capacity to moderate the aging procedure. vitamin C, has been appeared to help with aging, especially in the elderly or those moving toward maturity. Camu can likewise have a positive effect on eye issues like macular degeneration, which start appearing more with an increase in age.

  1. Helps in Age-related Illness:

Camu also helps in age-related issues, for example, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s and joint pain. It can be viewed as another calming functional food which can decrease the inflammation that is at the core of these genuine and endless medical problems.

Camu is one of the most advantageous superfoods accessible, and has more vitamin C than some other fruits on the planet. Enhancing your immunity, slowing down aging, and diminishing inflammation are only a portion of its potential medical advantages.

So, go get some Camu powder and begin including a greater amount of this amazing fruit to your eating routine!


10 Reasons Why You Need Foxtail Millets In Your Life


Foxtail millets are rich in calories that give vitality and quality to the body to perform exercises. It is broadly grown in India, Africa and China. Apart from its common availability, it is considered as the ideal substitute for the usual grains we incorporate in our diet.

Let’s have a closer look at Foxtail Millet’s properties:

  1. Useful for Heart: Foxtail millet have the ability to direct and bring down the glucose of the body, it lessens the odds of blockage in the heart that outcomes in heart failure.
  1. Battles with Diabetes: People experiencing diabetes who change over to foxtail millet additionally show low triglyceride levels in the blood. It is considerably rich in amino acids, making it a preferred food for diabetics.
  1. Gluten Free: Gluten free diet without a doubt allows you to kick unhealthy foods which are stacked with fat, glucose and unsaturated fats. Foxtail millets gives you your daily measure of vitamins and minerals. Foxtail millets can assist you with building up a solid opposition against heart illnesses and growths.
  1. High in Antioxidant: The wealth of cancer prevention agents, principally (Tryptophan and amino acids) in Foxtail Millet helps in battling free radicals. It likewise helps in calming pressure related illnesses like nervousness, hypertension, misery, and cerebral pains. It works incredibly in easing rest issue like Insomnia alongside cerebral agonies and Migraine.
  2. Restless Leg Syndrome: The insufficiency of iron in the body is the reason for the restless leg syndrome (RLS). The low  of iron in the blood is the reason for this. The high admission of supplements of iron in satisfactory sums cures this condition. It is related with muscle fits which is the manifestations of lack of iron.
  1. High in Calcium: Foxtail Millet is rich in calcium which is imperative for fortifying bones. It additionally contains D vitamin. Foxtail millets helps in the growth of bones in children and backings to keep up bone wellbeing in grown-ups.
  1. Weight Reduction: Foxtail contains an amino acid (Tryptophan) which reduces your craving. Foxtail millet gets processed at a slower rate subsequently wards off one from consuming additional calories.
  1. Bringing Down Cholesterol: Foxtail millet contains amino acids (Lecithin and Methionine) which reduce the cholesterol level by driving out the additional fat from the Liver. Foxtail Millet likewise contains amino acid (Threonine) which slows down the deposition of fat in the liver.
  1. Slows Aging: The grain has hostile to aging. By including Foxtail millet in your eating regimen, you can have a smooth, young skin thanks in light of the fact that the amino acids, for example, (lysine and methionine) which help in the development of collagen, which helps in abating appearance of wrinkles. Foxtail millet is known to repress cross-connecting of collagen.
  2. Aids Mental Health: Iron aides in the mental health. It supplies oxygen to the cerebrum as it utilizes around 20% of blood oxygen. The sufficient measure of blood supplied to the cerebrum keeps Alzheimer’s sickness and dementia.

A Note To The Reader:

Today’s decision will impact tomorrow and then there will be no turning back. Choosing a healthy diet will transform your life wonderfully.



Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Goji Berries!


Goji berry (Lycium barbarum) is a bush that takes its name from the red berries it produces. Verifiably, the plant has been reaped for a huge number of years in Asia (especially in China and Tibet). It is specified in the antiquated medication book “Tractate for Herbs and Their Properties,” asserting that goji berries can help reestablish lost body fluids, relax the spirit and restore the skin. In another antiquated Chinese book named “Herbs and Food Healing,” the berries are said to help repair muscles and ligaments and give insurance from illnesses.

The goji berry has been adulated in Chinese writing, especially by the artist Liu Juncy from the Tan line. In a sonnet, he composes that the water encompassing goji berry bushes may advance longevity.

What is Goji Berry Precisely?

Goji berries are the little red products of the goji berry bush. The plant is an individual from the nightshade family, which incorporates tomatoes and peppers. They can grow up to a tallness of 5 feet, and spring from brilliant purple, channel moulded blooms. At in the first place, these berries have an orange shade, however, as they develop will gradually change to their outstanding red colour. Goji berries have an aftertaste like sweet cherry tomatoes when rehydrated. They leave a slightly sour hint in your mouth after eating.

Be that as it may, the inquiry is, are goji berries really that beneficial? This bush has been around for a large number of years, and authentic confirmation from Chinese and Tibetan healers have revealed its recuperating impacts on different illnesses, for example, tuberculosis, a sleeping disorder, eye issues and skin rashes.

There is a buzz going on among researchers  to determine the Health Benefits of Goji Berries

Indeed, even in little servings, goji berries are stuffed with supplements that can help advance ideal wellbeing. The most surely understood advantages of this bush include:

  •  Weight Management

Goji berries contain abnormal amounts of fibre, which can enable you to feel more full for more. Therefore, it lessens the sentiment hunger, prompting fewer calories devoured.

  • Sound Vision

A current report has discovered that goji berries contain zeaxanthin, a cancer prevention agent known for keeping up solid vision. It’s likewise the compound in charge of furnishing the berries with their particular brilliant red shading. In a similar report, the scientists found that the individuals who devoured goji berries consistently had less hypopigmentation and fewer drusen in their eye.

  • Increased Testosterone Levels

Goji berries may help build men’s testosterone levels. In a creature consider, analysts found that goji berries enhanced sperm amount, recuperation of testosterone levels and enhanced sexual capacity in mice. In case you’re experiencing erectile brokenness, these berries can be a potential common other option to pharmaceutical arrangements.

  • Diabetes Control

Analysts have found that goji berries contain hypoglycemic properties, which can profit diabetics. To put it plainly, devouring these berries may help control your glucose levels securely.

  • Cancer Prevention

Goji berries contain potential anticancer advantages. Scientists found that goji berry extricates on tumour cells and discovered that they instigated apoptosis on the disease, successfully preventing it from spreading further.

Multiple Ways You Can Use Goji Berries

Goji berries are for the most part added to soups and plates of mixed greens, yet they can likewise be devoured as a drink, as tea or juice.

When cooking with goji berries, you can utilize them for sweet or flavorful dishes. For instance, you can utilize them set up of raisins for treats, cereal and other comparable foods. They can likewise be mixed and added to juices for extra flavour. For appetizing formulas, they can be added to salsa, bean stew or different recipes that need a touch of sweetness.


10 Sixth Element’s Functional Foods Which Will Transform Your Life

Sixth Element’s family has been promoting overall well-being, enhancing immunity and health through supplement rich, unadulterated foods. At Sixth Element, holistic health is our obsession and we offer items and practices that can lead you towards complete wellness. We strongly recommend our range of functional foods because of their purity and high quality.

What Are Functional Foods?

“Functional foods” is a new term which is used to depict food items which have been enriched with natural substances/products. They are treated with a particular physiological process with potential wellbeing in mind. Factors, for example, raised awareness about human well-being, improvement of the nourishment, and medication and branches of common science considering the connection between natural products and wellbeing have escalated the consumption of functional foods with visible wellness in terms of health. The market for such foods is growing rapidly; all credit goes to the awareness which rooted in people’s minds after lifestyle diseases started increasing at a fast rate.

Here Are 10 Functional Foods From Sixth Element Which Will Transform Your Life-

  1. Quinoa:food-3325068_640Regularly referred to as the super grain, quinoa (KEEN-wah) is high in fibre and top-notch protein. Indeed, it contains more protein than some other grain while additionally having iron and potassium. A one-half measure of quinoa has 14 grams of protein and 6 grams of fibre. This superfood is delegated an entire grain and is normally found without gluten. Quinoa is a small grain that concocts like rice and has a mellow, nutty flavour and a light, cushy surface like couscous. You can discover it alongside different grains in wellbeing sustenance stores and your market.
  2. Black Rice- food-3311164_640Once consumed by royalty only, black rice owes its dark shading to a scope of naturally existing compounds called anthocyanins. The same compounds are found in the purple berries like acai, blueberry and blackberry. Anthocyanins have built their reputation in the world as a class of phenomenal compounds that diminish the maturing of cells, stomach irritation, upgrade vision, enhance numerous parts of cardiovascular wellbeing, improve cerebral function, and help balance out glucose. The majority of the buzz about pomegranate, cranberry, and numerous other red-to-purple nourishments is because of their richness in anthocyanins—they are the huge contributors to cancer prevention.
  3. Goji Berries- goji-3162716_640Goji berries have been utilized as a part of conventional Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years. Old folklores report that goji berries were eaten by the Himalayan Mountains monks more than a thousand years ago. The berries were saturated with hot water to help in concentration and acquire more noteworthy well-being, imperativeness, lifespan, vitality and stamina. These wilted red berries are charged to help enhance neural framework and cerebral functioning, protect against coronary illness and disease. Goji berries contain vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin A, iron, selenium and different cancer prevention agents ( polysaccharides).
  4. Kodo Millet:Kodo millet Kodo millet is a nutritious grain and a decent substitute for rice and wheat. The grain is made out of 11% of protein, giving 9 grams/100 g. It is a superb wellspring of fibre at 10 grams (37-38%), rather than rice, which gives 0.2/100 g, and wheat, which gives 1.2/100 g. A satisfactory fibre source helps battle the hunger pangs. Kodo millet contains 66.6 g of starches and 353 kcal per 100 g of grain, tantamount to different millets. It additionally contains 3.6 g of fat for each 100 g. It gives negligible measures of iron, at 0.5/100 mg, and insignificant measures of calcium, and 27/100 mg. Kodo millets additionally contain high measures of polyphenols, a cancer prevention agent.
  5. Foxtail Millet: foxtail milletFoxtail millets are one of those overlooked grains that were a crucial part of our old culture. Otherwise called “Antiquated Grains”, these millets are something beyond an intriguing contrasting option to typically available grains. Millets are nutritious and non-glutinous. They are thought to be the minimum allergenic and most effectively absorbable grains accessible. Foxtail millets are especially high in minerals like iron, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium. A measure of cooked millet gives 19% of the daily requirement for magnesium.
  6. Navitas Organic Camu Powder: camuThis isn’t an organic product you’ll discover on a tree or hedge in your neighbourhood. Camu, for the most part, develops in tropical regions of the Amazon rainforest in Peru, Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela, where it is utilized for therapeutic purposes. Its natural products are about an indistinguishable size from a lemon, however, light orange in shading, and brimming with vitamin C. Normal health experts assert that camu has hostile to viral properties that can help with mouth blisters, herpes and shingles. Others say it’s a characteristic vitality fruit that works wonders for your eyes and gums.
  7. Navitas Organic Maca Powder: macaMaca root helps adjust our hormones and because of an excess of ecological estrogens, the vast majority’s hormones are often imbalanced. Maca empowers and supports the hypothalamus and pituitary organs which are the “ace organs” of the body. Maca root has been appeared to be valuable for a wide range of hormonal issues including PMS, menopause, and hot flashes. It is likewise a ripeness enhancer and is best known for enhancing drive and sexual capacity, particularly in men. Therefore, it’s earned the moniker “nature’s Viagra.”
  8. Navitas Organic Coconut Palm Sugar: Brown-SugarCoconut palm sugar offers a greater number of vitamins and minerals than white sugar. It contains measures of vitamin C, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and copper. Coconut sugar additionally gives little amount of phytonutrients, for example, polyphenols, flavonoids and anthocyanidin, and cell reinforcements.
  9. Roasted Seed Mix- 
Roasted Seed Mix

Roasted Seed Mix

Roasted seed mix is a complete powerhouse of energy. Cooked Pumpkin seeds may help enhance insulin control and help avoid diabetic entanglements by diminishing oxidative pressure. Flax seeds show that these seeds offer various medical advantages that add to weight reduction. Sunflower seeds are a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals and oils. Sunflower seeds contain two supplements that advance cardiovascular wellbeing – vitamin E and salt. These seeds give over 25% of the prescribed every day estimation of magnesium.

10. Raw Organic Protein: 

Plant ProteinNot at all like most plant-based protein powders, it isn’t dirty or boring. It breaks up effortlessly in your most loved smoothie or even water, and it’s delightful. With 21g of plant-based protein, 5g of fibre, and no additional sugar, each serving is a sound and delectable jolt of energy to enable you to control through an exercise or only a bustling day.


5 Reasons Why Chocolate-Valencia Spread will Make your Day

Why we cannot resist the chocolate spreads which make us go “mmmm”? The moment chocolate spread touches our taste buds, we swoon as if we have found true love. But what is the reason of us we find chocolate spreads so irresistible? Why we equate it with love? Well, we have the answer- the taste is in going back to the roots. Since people have started realising the importance of health, they are choosing products which are handmade, natural, untouched, and free of any additives. Chocolate-Valencia is one such spread which has permanently won a place in people’s hearts.  The credit goes to its pure ingredients- Valencia orange, chocolate and lemon.

5 Reasons Why Chocolate-Valencia Spread will Make Your Day-

Your Chocolate-Valencia spread is a multinational recipe. Once you know where its ingredients come from, you will not let it go out of the stock; ever.

  1. Because it contains Valencia Orange:

Valencia Orange on tree

Valencia Orange on tree

The Valencia orange (commonly accessible at the beginning of March and is available throughout September) is named after the city of Valencia in Spain, in spite of the fact that its real origin is obscure. Esteemed for their high juice content and accessibility outside of the run of the mill citrus season, Valencia oranges are famous for their thin skin and have very few seeds. They are viewed as one of the best amongst other variety of oranges for extracting the maximum amount of juice. A medium orange of any variety has just around 60 calories and gives 116% of the everyday requirement of vitamin C; 13% of dietary fibre; 10% folate; 8% thiamin; 7% potassium; 6% vitamin A; and 5% calcium. This makes such oranges an incredible natural snack to munch throughout the day. Valencia orange’s tangy twist to the spread is just perfect for those who love experimenting with tastes.

  1. Because Eureka Lemon Graces it:   


Ripe Eureka Lemon

Ripe Eureka Lemon


Eureka Lemon is one of the best lemons to make a spread. Its high juice content makes it an all-time favourite of all. Also, its presence in chocolate-valencia spread fulfils a purpose; to make it nutritious. The health gains of lemon incorporate treatment of acid reflux, gas, dental issues, throat infections, fever, stiffness, stoutness, respiratory issues, cholera, and hypertension while benefiting your hair and skin. Known for its restorative property since ages, lemon reinforces your immune system,  cleanse your stomach, and is viewed as a blood purifier. Rich in vitamin C, it has paved its way in the desserts and spreads.

  1. Because Cocoa Dominates it:

Liquid Chocolate

Liquid Chocolate

The one and only- Cocoa! You would perhaps be called a liar if you said that you don’t swoon over chocolate. People just can not stay without this luxurious product. Its introduction in the spreads and jams is to satiate the taste buds of those people who want to incorporate chocolate in every aspect of their lives.

The nutritional substance of chocolate changes as per the formula. For the most part, chocolate contains little measures of fundamental supplements, for example, protein, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper and cell regeneration.

  4. It’s Different

The moment you will taste the Chocolate-Valencia spread, you will keep coming back to taste. In fact, you may even try to learn its recipe. If you have children, be ready to be pestered by them for more of this amazing gourmet spread.

  5. It’s Hygienic

Gourmet Chocolate-Valencia spreads are carefully packed in fabulous glass jars which can be reused. The product which comes to you is as pure as love. While tasting it, you will feel the world on your taste buds. Kenyan chocolate and Spanish oranges are specially cultivated without pesticides to retain the purity of ingredients. You can heave a sigh of relief and taste this purity every day.

The Verdict

Chocolate-Valencia spread is something which will get you hooked. It’s different from jams because of its nutritional composition and different taste. Some people may find the orange and chocolate combination slightly off-track; however, it is worth it once you taste it. The subtle hint of orange makes this spread a fantastic addition to desserts and toasts. Also, who is stopping you from licking your fingers? Indulging in a sinful desire of chocolate-valencia spread is extremely healthy.


A Foodaholic’s Reason to Love Apple-Caramel Spread

Howdy! Today I want to pour my heart out for the love I have for Apple-Caramel Spread. Why so? Well, as a health-food junkie, it is my duty to spread the numerous benefits it possesses. In my childhood, I was addicted to confectionary sweets because of the sugar-rush they gave me. My college life didn’t contribute anything to my health either. And staying away from home made my food-habits worse. I started eating more and more in the name of being a foodaholic. If I had to describe myself, I will imagine myself as a pot-bellied teenager who looked like a beer addict. After facing a lot of problems,  I finally experimented with gourmet spreads. It was then I fell in love with Apple-Caramel Spread, and my journey to the path of health began.

After getting hooked to Apple-Caramel Spread, I started researching about its ingredients. Apple and Caramel are its two main ingredients, and you can always feel a hint of citrus flavour. That’s because it has lemon as well. Two main ingredients are the base of this mouth-watering recipe. Let’s have a look at them.


  1. The Crunchy Caramel

Caramel Core

Caramel Core

The world is full of people who have a sweet tooth and can’t resist anything sweet. One thing is for sure, their favourite thing among sweets is caramel. Not only you can pair it with your favourite desserts, but you can savour it alone as well. Caramel is a medium-to dim orange sweet item made by boiling variety of sugars. It can be utilized as a taste enhancer in puddings and sweets, as a filling in bonbons (small candies coated in chocolate), or as a garnish for frozen yoghurt and custard.


However, don’t forget that excess of everything is bad. A 2.5-ounce serving of caramels contains 271 calories and 5.75 grams of fat, of which 1.75 are saturated. Diets rich in sugar your danger of Type 2 diabetes, coronary illness and weight pick up. Caramel supplies little measures of calcium, potassium and vitamin A too.


  1. The Red Ripe Apple


Apples supply a lot of fibre, which can decrease your danger of stomach related issues, for example, blockage. Fibre can help counteract haemorrhoids (bowel-related issues). One entire apple supplies 4.4 grams of fibre toward the 21 to 25 grams women require every day and the 30 to 38 grams men ought to get. An entire apple additionally supplies vitamin C for enhanced immunity, potassium for your cardiovascular health and vitamin K to help clot your blood. It is extremely beneficial to people suffering from blood clots.

The phytochemicals in apples are known to shield you from coronary illness, tumour and other perpetual health-related conditions. Likewise, apples supply quercetin, catechin, phloridzin and chlorogenic corrosive, which are capable cancer prevention agents that shield you from cell harm. After some time, cell harm builds your danger of growth and coronary illness.


A Note to the Reader

Apple-Caramel Spread is a perfect blend of sin and taste. Caramel is a sinfully tasty refined product, while apples are full of natural nutrients. A lemony twist will surprise you every now and then. Besides, Apple is my favourite fruit! Apple-Caramel spread is the best way I can consume the fruit I love. You must try it too.